MD's Massage

We have modern Head and Corporate office administered by experienced civ -military professionals. The company is organized with strong operation and administrative set up with 24 hours supervision and monitoring system, has a standard training academy for security guards. Daily day and night patrolling, minute to minute digital reporting and monitoring and on line dossier maintenance are our strong tools to take care of clients’ interests. We instill trust into the heart of clients through very intimate support, visit by senior staff, taking prompt actions as per desire of clients.

We ensure a good administration towards our under commands through a proven system and care of client’s trust on us. I’m sure you will not be unhappy selecting us. May Almighty bless all for us.

___Md.Ziaoul Hoque


Addin Security Services Ltd. started its journey as security service provider in Bangladesh in the year of 2016. As of today we are continuously learning to satisfy our valued clients' security needs. Our day to day learning strengthens our experience which is helping us to solve clients' present and future security threats. The company believes that the pride of service lies with the full satisfaction of valuable clients.